July 15, 2007
Harry Knowles is getting married.

Over at Aint It Cool today, you'll see plenty of talk and celebration for the day where the big jolly red head, Harry Knowles, gets married. You'll hear that directors such as Eli Roth and Richard Kelley were there, that Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor at WETA made the invitations, and more. A lot of web journalists (and print journalists too, I'm sure), seem to resent Knowles today more than most days. They hate his friendship with filmmakers and even bash the fact that his bride-to-be is 19 or 20.

Grow up, I say.

Regardless of what one thinks of Aint It Cool, I think it's near impossible to deny the obvious: that Harry Knowles worships movies. His soul belongs to them. The reason he's friends with a lot of filmmakers isn't to write good reviews for their movies or to be pampered like a spoiled geek brat. It's because they, like him, love movies. His friendship with Peter Jackson famously started well before Rings when the two of them would always be the two highest bidders on Kong memorabilia. His pure love of movies overrides the Anton Ego cynicism that 99% of our film critics have. Even when I think his being a tool, I still appreciate him for that. One could make the argument that no one would take movie web critics and writers seriously if it wasn't for Knowles, and I think they'd have a strong case.

I'm not even sure what I think of AICN. I might be young enough to appreciate it more than most writers. But I will say this: let's all wish Harry Knowles a long and loving marriage. To do otherwise is just immature in the most infantile way.

So good luck to you, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, and may your marriage be a happy one.


A. Men.

Most of the entertainment writing world is seething with immaturity and pomposity, so something like this is a red flag to the retarded bull that is entertainment journalists. They won't get it, but oh well...

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