July 11, 2007
Frontline's "News War"

I've been watching Frontline's four part series on the media and its evolution in the modern era, titled "News War," and I have to say this is one of the most cogent and comprehensive studies of the form of journalism I've come across in a televised, documented format.

The correspondent is Lowell Bergman, who joined the PBS program after leaving CBS in the late 90s, and he does a fine job of balancing careful observation with seeing red and going for the jugular. It's also beneficial to see such a who's who of the industry interviewed at length across the board, from the Millers to the Koppels, the Rosenstiels to the Kellers, it's all inside but still heavily applicable to an interested public.

Do yourself a favor when you have four hours to spare and give this thing a look.


Has 60 minutes been the same since Bergman left? I'm not sure it has.

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