July 06, 2007
Affleck back in the saddle.

A lot of talk on this "Gone, Baby, Gone" trailer, including a ton of inane "Mystic River" comparison. Aside from Lehane being behind the source material of each, there isn't much to validate all of that. But that's the typical empty talk that accompanies early materials on an upcoming film, that desperate need to classify a flick as "this year's so and so."

In any case, I recall Ben Affleck's intense concentration on this project last season. He didn't do much, if any, major press on "Hollywoodland" (including a NY Times piece I wrote on the film) due to his invlovement with "Gone, Baby, Gone," and looking at this spectacular trailer, one is left with the feeling he may have hit it just right.

Brian Kinsley will be reviewing the script at "Page to Screen" in the coming weeks, but for now, take a look at what could be a hell of a vehicle for Casey Affleck.


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