June 30, 2007
"We whipped them into a religious frenzy and taught them how to fuck with the army of a superpower."

My favorite line from the script of what could be one of the film awards season's heavy-hitting contenders.


In the Valley of Elah?

This has be something based on Iraq I'm guessing...

That is indeed probably the best line in the script, I do think there is a bit too much 20/20 vision from that particular role in the script, prescience is never so precise as that character's visionary and clear perspective.

But it'll be a hoot to watch!

I don't think it's from Lions for Lambs, script wasn't that good. Really lame trailer by the way too.

The line itself sounds targeted at Afghanistan more than Iraq, though. And it sounds very Sorkin, to me, which would jive with the 20/20 hindsight that he's been exhibiting in the final Studio 60 episodes. So I'm guessing Charlie Wilson's War?

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