June 19, 2007
"Evan Almighty"

I had an interesting experience viewing this film tonight. I utterly hated it for probably 60, 65 minutes. Serious rage at what I was watching. Then I fought through the bitter exterior to the warm gooey center and forgave it immensely. It's still a bad film, but...sometimes there are other things worth taking into account.

Not sure what's happening to me lately as I lighten up and find pleasure in films like "Night at the Museum." But there are some good messages flying at you and hitting you in the head in "Evan Almighty" that - call me crazy - most families in this country, devout or otherwise, could benefit from taking in for a brief 85 minutes out of their day.


You're slowly going over to the dark side. In no time at all you'll be moved to tears by the likes of Care Bears 3.

Things could be worse. I could be searching for strained meaning in films forced on the marketplace by jaded or short-sighted "visionaries." We get a shitload of 'em year in and year out.

In enjoy enjoying myself, though. I'm no film critic, in any case.

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