May 05, 2007

Hello again. Thought I'd pop in from the Big Apple to offer thoughts on the most dynamic stage performance I've seen in a long time: Liev Schreiber in "Talk Radio."

I caught the matinee this afternoon, and I was floored by how powerful this work was. We're all familiar with Bogosian's play, maybe you've seen Oliver Stone's attempt at a film adaptation, but I think the role of Barry Champlain might be owned, officially, by Mr. Schreiber. A Tony nomination is probably a given, but I hope he can stick it out against the Frank Langellas and Christopher Plummers to pull through a deserving win. I was captivated, and from the nosebleed balcony, no less.

I may try to catch "Frost/Nixon" while I'm out here, but I love the lingering effect "Talk Radio" is having right now. I don't want anything to overpower it.


Not to disrupt your Talk Radio high or anything, but you've gotta see Frost/Nixon. Langella's already legendary in it.

Yeah, I was gonna see it regardless. Thoughts up above. I still prefer Schreiber, but it's a great couple of performances to have caught on this trip.

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