May 08, 2007
Frost/Nixon/Spidey 3

To the point, Sam Raimi and company embarassed themselves. That's all I'm willing to even speak about "Spider-Man 3."

As for "Frost/Nixon," I can't share the enthusiasm of most viewers because it seems to quite clearly indicate itself as coming from the pen of a first-time playwright, but Peter Morgan does indeed put forth an actor's dream with this piece. Frank Langella is fantastic (if not quite as electrifying and captivating as Schreiber in "Talk Radio"), but I'm somewhat worried about how the performance will transfer to the screen. He looks nothing like the former president, but he has the voice and mannerisms down to a T and that makes a theatrical performance all the more enjoyable. But when it'll come to close-ups and such in the film world, I don't know if it'll pack the same punch.

I found Michael Sheen to be a touch better in the Frost role. He seemed to wear it like a glove and had charisma to spare. I'll definitely be looking forward to how he tackles it on the screen. But, with all this talk of the adaptation, I have to say I find this the wrong material for Ron Howard. But perhaps something will come of it.

To bring it full circle, Howard's daughter was absolutely GORGEOUS in "Spidey 3." Bombshell material. And wasted, both the actress and the role. A shame...


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