February 01, 2007
"War" on the mind

You know, the more I watch it, the more I think about it - Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" is not only one of the best films of 2005, but the most terrifying film of the last decade. Seriously. And I'm SO fine being alone on this.


I might almost agree with you on the most terrifying film of the last decade, but the experience was almost ruined for me with that deus ex machina ending. I read the book and if they cared to adapt as much as they did for a contemporary setting, they didn't have to throw in the bacteria. But the son appearing out of nowhere. Makes me furious. But otherwise, a very good film.

I'm not sure I'd go that far Kris, but it's definitely one of the most underrated films this decade!

Film was good until Cruise went in Tim Robbins' basement. After that, the movie was terrible. Especially the ending, and especially Koepp's screenplay.

Spielberg remains the only director capable of burying the horror of a David Koepp screenplay underneath loads of visual wonder.


And really, De Palma is the only director who's ever brought the best out of the guy (what little there is).

I forgive the Robbins scene. It's more brought down by a poor casting decision than anything else. Imagine someone slightly less kooky in that role and it's a brilliant scene.

Ugh. I did not like that movie at all. I'd say what I thought but everytime I go to I just tell people to read Roger Ebert's review. Every single thing that Ebert put forth I agree with.

I can see thought how others could like it. Just not me.

awesome, i thought i was the only one who liked this movie. i still watch it pretty consistently.

It is a great movie, and the 9/11 allusions add a chilling depth to it.

LMAO. The movie is such crap. Save for the visual effects.

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