February 19, 2007
The Wide Open Races

By my count:

Picture, Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Original Score, Original Song, Short Film (Animated), Sound Editing, Sound Mixing.

Should be an interesting night.


Film Editing may not be "wide open" but I reckon it's a pretty close race between our two ACE winners with "United 93" not out of the running.

I wouldn't call Original Song wide open...I think "Listen" has that one in the bag.

And Original Screenplay I think will most likely end up in the "LMS" camp, although "The Queen" has a shot.

But I agree on the Costume Design/Sound categories. I'm having a hard time with my predictions for those.

And as for picture...I think I've finally made up my mind. But I'll probably end up being wrong.

There are three Dreamgirls songs to split the vote, a boomer fave in James Taylor (who I'm now predicting to win with Randy Newman) and a Melissa Etheridge tune that is "important." It's a wide open field.

Maybe...I just don't feel any heat coming from the "other two" Dreamgirls tunes to split the vote.

We'll find out soon enough.

I think "Love You I Do" is a threat. It is, after all, JHud's tune.

I could see it going to "Cars" or "Inconvenient Truth" but I would be surprised. I think if a "Dreamgirls" tune gets it it will be "Listen." I was actually surprised the other two were even nominated. I think they remember Hudson for "And I am Telling You." They will award her with the Supporting Actress trophy...I don't know how much sway she will hold over this category.

It will be nice to see her perform it on Oscar night though.

Original Screenplay should be the most interesting-- 4 of the 5 nominees for Best Picture are nominated, and it really could indicate how the rest of the night will turn out.

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