February 27, 2007
The Joker and Two-Face at the Independent Spirits

Eckhart has also revealed, FYI, that Harvey will become Two-Face in the new film, "The Dark Knight." For the longest time that aspect of the story was rumored to happen at the beginning of the third film.




Heath Ledger = supporting actor nomination in '08 for his portrayal as the Joker in The Dark Night. You heard it hear first.

Jack got a globe nod in 1989. BAFTA too. No Oscar.

But...I hope you're right.

As someone who considers Batman Begins his favorite film of 2005, I'm worried about this next installment. I'm worried about the look of the Joker, especially. Given the toned-down, serious nature of the first film, they probably won't go quite as far with hair and makeup as the TV series or even the Burton film, but it still has to LOOK like the Joker. Hats off to them if they can do it. Can't wait to see the concept art and early makeup tests.

If Heath Ledger gets nominated for this role, it will be because he has created a Jack Sparrow-esque invention of a character, something totally new, ingenius, and not to be missed. Tough to do when the role has already been played by Jack Nicholson.

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