February 02, 2007

I know, I know. But it's just a lazy week, at least as far as writing goes. That doesn't mean I don't have material coming. Phone conversation with Gustavo Santaolalla this morning. Coffee with Adriana Barraza this afternoon (she looks lovely and in a new way every time I see her). Finishing up the pieces on "The Queen" and "Babel" for the coming weeks. Meanwhile, face time with Patrick Marber and Alfonso Cuaron at the top of the week. A "Three Amigos" gathering. A "Notes on a Scandal" event with nominees Marber, Philip Glass and novelist Zoe Heller. Lots to chew on.

We'll be back to normal with a new Oscar column Monday. But the Gurus of Gold are back up and running at Movie City News for those foaming at the mouth.


You're living a great life, Kris. I'm jealous.

you bastard... I want to meet Adriana Barraza so bad...

be sure to tell us more about the "three amigos" partey... should be fun... Mexican parties are fun...

Are you already in holiday mood?

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