February 22, 2007
Post-Oscars Goings On

Final predicitons come tomorrow, the awards re on Sunday, year in advance predictions hit Monday, and then it's over! I feel it important to indicate, however, that in the months directly following the ceremony, activity will be limited here at In Contention, if existent at all.

I will be taking an extended vacation, taking in fifty states on a much-anticipated road trip. I might log some thoughts here at The Blog here and there, but most likely, it'll be a wasteland. We'll likely pick the ball back up in July and start this whole mess over again, but I thought it important to let the readership know what to expect.

Gerard may keep the discussion alive here on The Blog if he so wishes, but I wouldn't begrudge him abandoning ship for a while either. This time of year is so taxing, after all.

In any case...three more days!


Bon voyage then! All FIFTY states? I'm tired just thinking of it! Sounds interesting and fun; enjoy!

Looking forward to reading your take on some of the summer biggies when they pop open!

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