February 02, 2007
Harvey Dent and the DGA

The Directors Guild announces tomorrow (Scorsese can't lose this...can he?), but the only thing I really care about is the movement on "The Dark Knight" casting. It seems Aaron Eckart is in the mix to potentially play Harvey Dent (but I still think whoever gets the job will come out of left field, like Ledger did), while Emily Blunt and Maggie Gyllenhaal are possibilities to replace Katie Holmes in the Rachel Dawes character.

This aspect of the scenario is a nightmare to me. I hope it doesn't prove that the brothers Nolan are relying on that character because they can't inject a love story otherwise. There's plenty of material to draw from here. And I mean, jeez, you jumped the bullet losing Holmes. Just write the character out of the script, don't recast!!


Ryan Gosling would make a perfect Harvey Dent. What do you think? He is an Oscar nominee, which is a plus.

Too young for my taste.

Although he would never do it, what about the best male-living actor, Daniel Day-Lewis? If anyone has doubts, see Gangs of New York. Should have won the oscar by the way.

What about Philip Seymour Hoffman? He's old and good enough for your taste? He's also an Oscar winner.

Could the loss of Katie Holmes be due to some spousal influence?
I hate to see recurring characters change actors between movies (Dumbledore was hard enough to get used to the change, and at least he was hiding behind enormous whiskers!). I agree with Kris, if they can't get the right actress back, why don't they just right her out???

On the other hand, it would be of interest to better understand the Bruce Wayne character as to why he becomes such a playboy after having had someone in his life he truly cared for... just random thoughts! ;)

The "playboy" image of Bruce Wayne is all a guise. It isn't the true Wayne.

What about Mark Wahlberg for Dent?

I read in IMDb that Edward Norton is also being considered for this role.

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