February 26, 2007
Haggis and Moresco's "The Black Donnellys"

I'm 19 minutes in and I'm already bored silly. I was bored silly 9 minutes in even. It seems so...derivitive.

Well, that's okay. One more show I don't have to watch. And I'm *this* close to dumping the laugh riot that is "Lost" (oh how the mighty fall), while "Jericho" isn't ringing my bell like it once was. The only thing I look forward to with anticipation is "Friday Night Lights" (best show on television) and "The Office" (which will be gone for a while).

But...one word: "ENTOURAGE." Bring it on.


The last 15 minutes was just a huge, shameless ripoff of The Godfather.

The main character is basically Michael Corleone, only he's a gifted art student, not a war hero.

OMG, LOST has totally fallen. It used to be so good. 24 is the only good show on TV now.

24 is BLOWING this season. First four episodes were great, but it has finally jumped the shark, I believe.

And yeah...Lost is done for.

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