January 05, 2007
Very different Scripter lineup...

"The Devil Wears Prada?" Seriously? "The Illusionist?" What? Isn't that based on a short story? As much as I didn't like the adaptation, "Little Children" deserved to be on here because it's such a great book, and the Scripter recognizes both adaptation and source. And as much as I love "Children of Men," I wouldn't say the adaptation is that worthy, though I guess P.D. James deserves some props. Good on "Notes on a Scandal" and ESPECIALLY "The Last King of Scotland."


Million Dollar Baby was also based on a short story, and it won the Scripter. I was more surprised when A History of Violence, a graphic novel, was nominated last year.

Oh wait, wasn't Brokeback Mountain a short story, too?

Didn't American Splendor win too? Or am I thinking of the WGA?

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