January 29, 2007
There are actual PEOPLE behind this stuff...

Bill Condon had some classy things to say in this NY Times piece on a story that has already been hammered into the ground far too much: "Dreamgirls Banked on Best Picture, and Lost."

Here's hoping he doesn't have to deal with the brutality of an Oscar season any time soon. It's an exhausting, uncalled for experience to be placed on that gigantic pedstal of awards expectations. Whatever his next flick, I'll be there.


I wonder if one of the issues was that so many AMPAS members may have seen Dreamgirls on screeners - seems like a film that impresses more on the big screen - and with an enthusiastoc audience

This... 'stuff'? Oh... ok. I see, you think this has nothing to do with you. Dreamgirls Oscar hopes have been totally derailed by your poison pen.

This "stuff" means there are human beings behind the craziness of an awards season, where far too oten people see contenders as two dimensional, cardboard cut-outs, pieces in a chess match. They are human beings, after all, and Bill Condon proves that every time he goes on the record.

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