January 15, 2007
The Jack Bauer Power Hour is BACK

Alright. Now that's a solid season premiere. I wasn't high on last season much at all, and I still feel like season four - well - the first half - is the high mark for the series. But this time it looks like the writers are digging...deep. A very promising start.

Also saw one of those TV spots for Billy Ray's "Shattered Glass" follow-up, "Breach," which I saw six or seven months ago. I had forgotten all about it, actually, though I did speak to Ray about the film last February for the NY Times. The film is a tight, interesting cat-and-mouse drama with Chris Cooper tackling a deeply conflicted and daunting character. Lots of great religious overtones permeate the script, and though it isn't the most penetrating follow-up to what was a solid and righteous debut for the writer/director, it is a decent enough thriller. Things certainly may have been tweaked and nuanced for the better since the cut I screened. Regardless, Ray has a great head on his shoulders (he points to the films of the 70s as what inspired his desire to be a writer) and I think he's got a long, versatile career ahead of him.


Interesting that you didn't like season five much. Everyone I know who loves the show thinks it's easily the best season (I just finished season 4 myself). I do agree with you about four, though. I'm not sure why people dislike it the way they do. After the dreadfully boring season 3 it was a welcome breath of fresh air. Two remains my favorite, though.

The Breach trailer has been playing in front of EVERY movie I've seen this past month. Good Shepherd, Departed, Painted Veil (wtf?) it's crazy. It looks good, but the title is horrid.

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