January 08, 2007
Something strange about "Blood Diamond"

I thought this as soon as I saw it a few months ago, but as bad as this film is, it's incredibly watchable. I'm checking it out on the small screen again now, just for background while doing this and that - and to hear the James Newton Howard score since all the music in my initial screening was temp.

But, yeah - crappy movie, strangely tolerable.


Odd that you should say this. For me, it's mostly watchable because the acting is decent, especially from DiCaprio, whose accent and mannerisms made me sit up in my seat. Couldn't take my eyes off him for most of the film. It's not that it's so bad it's good (the film, that is), either. Most of my friends and family who've seen it actually liked it. Go figure! There are always movies out there that people reject as not being award worthy yet they're still quite watchable on some level or other even to the extent that you don't mind seeing them again. On the other hand, I can think of a few films that won tons of awards, were very acclaimed critically, but I really don't want to watch them again.

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