January 20, 2007
"Little Miss Sunshine" at the WGA

Michael Arndt was his usual modest self this afternoon during a Q&A I moderated at the WGA. Suffice it to say, people just love "Little Miss Sunshine," and when they hear its back story, they want to know more.

If you can believe it, Michael cranked this screenplay out in three days. 11 pages one day, 30 some the next day, 54 pages the third day. 54 PAGES! I don't have 54 pages in my printer, let alone in my head, but Michael was ready to write. After working as an assistant for Matthew Broderick for some time, he finally saved up enough money to take a year off and dedicate himself to writing. He came out with seven finished scripts at the end of that year, and "Little Miss Sunshine" was one of them.

It's one hell of a story, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Fresh off an airplane from San Francisco, Michael weathered the barage of questions and scooted into the green room of the WGA lobby to put on a tux for the PGA awards tonight, where his little film that could may just win the top prize.


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