January 10, 2007
Let me say this clearly...

Apparently Jamie Foxx's name has popped up a few times regarding rumored Harvey Dent/Two-Face casting in "The Dark Knight." Now, I'm not giving it too much credence, because I expect Chris Nolan to pull his wild card out of nowhere like he did with Heath Ledger, but if Foxx gets this role, it would be a dreadful casting decision. I'm not just speaking in terms of MIScasting - which is undeniably true - but in terms of Foxx's rep as a...well...prick. And I don't want this guy to come in with his posse and his Oscar and his star demands and fuck up this film like he reportedly fucked up "Miami Vice."

I'd much prefer other circulating names like Ethan Hawke, Edward Norton, Eion Bailey or, the gold standard for this role - LIEV SCHREIBER.

Just sayin'...


Oh you've got to be kidding. That's a disaster of epic proportions if it goes ahead.

Ryan Goslong would be a perfect choice. He is an up & coming star.

Oops..its Gosling.

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