January 22, 2007
Last Minute Jitters

As happens every year, last minute doubts are racing through my mind. I have a sneaking hunch “Casino Royale” is actually going to sneak the Editing nod and I’m sort of kicking myself for not predicting it.

I’m also feeling a nagging suspicion that “Little Miss Sunshine” is going to be bigger than I was thinking late last week. I’m beginning to feel Dayton & Faris and I’m doubtful my ‘Collette over Breslin’ hunch is going to pay off though I still believe we aren’t looking at the Supporting Actress lineup matching perfectly with SAG.

Supporting Actor, Art Direction, Cinematography and especially Original Score could all still go many many different ways. Plausible lineups are numerous.

All things considered, I’m anxiously awaiting 16½ hours from now; the race needs to end…and then restart in earnest.


You can go in and change your predictions, kiddo. Go for it.

I already caved and took "United 93" out of my original screenplay predix.

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