January 22, 2007
I've officiallly given up...

...on "30 Rock." I don't know why I've watched for so long, honestly. Just out of habit, the TiVo keeps recording it, might as well. The HFPA gave Alec Baldwin, the show's saving grace, their Best Actor in a Comedy award because they love to appear ahead of the curve. But jeez, it's just awful. Tina Fey humor just...sucks. "Mean Girls" excepted, of course.

But that's just me.

Off the TiVo schedule it goes, along with "The Nine" (what a snooze it became) and likely "Heroes," the most overrated show on television. On that front, I'll give the new episodes a shot, but if it doesn't look up soon, it's gone. Ditto "Studio 60," which needs to spice itself up...and this coming from one of the show's few supporters.

Sigh, oh well. At least there's Jack Bauer on Mondays, Midland, TX high school football on Wednesday nights, along with a hilarious season of "The Office."


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