January 09, 2007
Favorite quote from tonight's star-studded "Bobby" bash in Santa Monica

"For someone to pick 'Last Days' and 'Inland Empire' as their #1 movies for the past two years, there's something wrong with you."

-Pete Hammond

I'm paraphrasing, but it cracked me up to no end.

I don't have the energy to discuss tonight's wonderful, gallant, easy-going party, but to see Emilio Estevez surrounded by admirers, his proud father in the corner chatting with the likes of Martin Landau, the old guard of Hollywood really showing some allegiance - lots of warm moments. And there was something - I don't know - wicked about saying goodbye one last time to Emilio on the way out and shaking hands with Judd Nelson, who popped in at the last minute, in one fell swoop.

"Answer the question, Claire!"

Alright. I'm tired.


I guess those two movies just weren't enough for Hammond's famously discerning taste.

Answer the question Claire = Go! Which in turn referenced some US TV show?

Was is Hammond incinerating?!

I have the rep of a cynic with a lot of the folks out here, that's all. He wasn't saying it with a negative connotation, just an eyebrow-raising one.

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