January 22, 2007
Best wishes to your faves.

Here's hoping the Oscar announcement tomorrow is at least modestly tolerable for you all.

And to bblasingame, who will surely be eyeing that Best Original Score category to see if his beloved "Pan's Labyrinth" score gets a nomination. We won't hear the end of it if it does...


Oh, "Pan's Labyrinth" being nominated for Best Score would be wonderful.

It was the most beautiful and haunting score of the year... but I doubt the nomination will happen.

HOORAY! Pan's Labyrinth got nominated for score!

I think you now see why I had it at number one, and I'm still predicting it to win. But my apologies for not believing in Babel or Notes on a Scandal. I just thought Glass had a better chance with The Illusionist, and I'm still surprised the group went with such a minimalist score. But Brokeback's win last year should have told me better.

I think you might be right about the win. We'll see how it pans out (no pun intended).

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