January 21, 2007
Anyone else find it really cool...

...that "Pan's Labyrinth," playing in barely 600 theatres, managed to come in 7th at the box office this weekend? How often does stuff like this happen?


It's also really cool that Dreamgirls barely held onto the third place spot playing at 2,214 theaters. The Last King of Scotland also did really well.

yeah it's awesome! very deserving, they have been promoting it a lot in the latino market here in the U.S., so that may be a factor... but del toro has such a big fan base, I mean the guy has a couple of fan forums and everything, so I totally was expecting this kind of reception

Not to mention it's an awesome movie. I imagine word of mouth is propelling this one. I know I've told at least 10 friends to see it.

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