December 01, 2006
There's something very odd...

...about watching a film as raw as "Apocalypto" in the old animation building of Disney studios. There were "Lion King" paintings on the walls in the hallway. In the screening room, hearts are being ripped out of chests. Trippy.

Someone needs to give Mel Gibson a hug, regardless.


So, what'd you think of Apocalypto?

Is it a Best Picture material?

I doubt it would of got best picture even what taken place happened, but he would of had a real start at Best Director. Look for it to pick up some tech noms (likley 2 more than Passions got).

This is my view of it anyway.

I'm not sure what Kris meant by "Someone needs to give Mel Gibson a hug".

it is graphic, but I liked it, visually it is probably the most beautiful film after Marie Antoinette...

Kris...a review please...

This isn't the kind of movie you watch and just spit out a review. If you do, you're lying, to yourself and to your readers. I've read pans that were horribly thought out (to disregard the film outright is to not bother looking past the violence at the message), and I've read raves that were to forgiving and didn't push to find the filmmaker's intent all the same. Tricky stuff.

I'll post more in depth thoughts at a later date. But it's not Oscar material. Not even (and never would have been) Best Director material. I think Best Sound is the only sure bet, maybe makeup (tricky branch), music and cinematography. Outside shots at film editing and sound editing. Nothing much more.

But Gibson (especially now after Passion) is a director that makes people angry. His seeming neverending bloodlust and his obsessions get under people's skins.

I thought the costume design was great...

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