December 25, 2006
Like they used to...

You know, as much as critics like to harp on how Clint Eastwood makes films in that ole' timey vein, free of frills, built like they were in the golden years, "Rocky Balboa" is a premium example of the same. But what's more, it isn't calling attention to itself in that light. Everything about this film I loved (until the stylistically over-the-top fight scene). This is truly the sendoff this series, this character, deserved.


What are your thoughts on the Dreamgirls box-office?

I don't really have any.

I agree completely, I would even say it's a better movie than the distant and pale Letters from Iwo Jima. Rocky Balboa earned emotional response from me, Iwo Jima seemed to be saying "fuck your emotions, isn't this artistically tragic/triumphant?"

On the other hand jumping from a movie to ESPN was a bad idea for the end fight. Plus I hate modern announcing (you can't even really call it announcing anymore because the idiots talking couldn't call a play/fight if their life depended on it) so that was endlessly frustrating.

It was great to the fight. Sly should of gotten somoene else to direct the fight. But yeah up to it was great. It would not totally shock me (through very very doubtful) that Sly sneaks in with a screenplay nomation.

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