December 19, 2006
Haley's Showing in the Critics' Awards

"Little Children"'s Jackie Earle Haley has launched a strong showing amongst the critcs' awards groups this month. I'm beginning to think he might actually slip into the final five with the Academy, "ick" factor or not. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Southeastern critics seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the Academy. Their supporting actor nominee has gone on to receive an Oscar nomination every single year since they started handing out kudos in 1994.

Just htining out loud...


We see. Assuming that Jack and Eddie are pretty much locks, there all three spots open.

My guess is that the next bet is Alan is going to be nom because he is a vet playing a grandpa role the older voters will love. Plus I think LMS is getting the last best pick nom.

Pitt depends on how they take to Babel and if they want to honor someone else since he alredy likely to get a producers nom for The Departed (Well they selling him in the FYC)

Mark is doubltful despite a strong start to the season just because I think this is the race with the most depth and they may not want to nom two for one movie unless they really love the movie then it you likely winner.

Ben is campigning hard for him it and it not only a bio role, but a bio role of a hollywood star. I'm leaning that he is in.

Sheen is also likley in since the picture is going to score many noms, though I wonder if an anti Tony Blair feeling over the war might hurt him.

Somone from Letters or Flags is possible since eastwood movies are always score well in getting acting noms, but right now no one seems to be standing out.

Right now I'm thinking Jack, Eddie, Alan, Ben, and Sheen with Pitt and Jackie being the main spoilers right now.

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