December 12, 2006

A desperate need to catch up on sleep this morning left me catching the BFCA announcement all of ten minutes ago. And frankly, there isn't much to say. It's all fairly predictable. I'm glad someone has finally made a play for Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Departed." Rinko Kikuchi is tearing up the scene (she's in town this week too - I'm sure she's loving life at the moment). Why anyone would put "Blood Diamond" on a top ten list is beyond me. But Djimon Hounsou might need to be taken seriously after all...which is just odd. Etc. Etc. Bring on the Globes I suppose.

Oscarwatch has the nominees.


I guess Blood Diamond is an important film with an important message (like United 93 and Letters from Iwo Jima). That's why it's in the Top 10.

What's your Globes prediction?

I'm expecting a Golden Globes predix right?

the supporting actress category is SO interesting... do you think both Babel ladies will make it? I think one of them will probably won't make it (Rinko Kikuchi)... unless Abigail Breslin keeps not getting any love from critics...

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