November 06, 2006
That Animated Category

Oscarwatch broke this last week so this isn't exactly news. But nevertheless AMPAS says there are 16 films competing for the annual animinated feature statuette this year...

“The Ant Bully”
“Arthur and the Invisibles”
“Curious George”
“Everyone’s Hero”
“Flushed Away”
“Happy Feet”
“Ice Age The Meltdown”
“Monster House”
“Open Season”
“Over the Hedge”
“A Scanner Darkly”
“The Wild”

I, for one, am opposed to this category. There are simply not enough quality animated films every year to warrant three nominees. And with 16 contenders, there will likely be five this year! Is getting a nomination really that meaningful?

And all it does, at the end of the day, is ghettoize films which deserve Best Picture nods. Does anyone believe that a film like "Finding Nemo" won't age far better than most BP nominees? Is this a rant? Probably. But this bugs me every goddamn year.


I think Sasha was just posting the press release, so she wasn't necessarily "breaking" the news. But I agree for the most part. At the same time, this category provides recognition for films that would have otherwise been ignored everywhere and probably deserve some distinction ("Monster House"), and when you're talking about an industry that feels like all elements should be represented by the Academy (like the stunt coordinators, who've been trying to get a category for years) - well - it makes sense.

Jeez, Kris, did you REALLY need to point that out? What's up with that? I thought it was cool and surprising that he gave some credit OW's way.

I'm much rather live in an oscar-obsessed world where Spirited Away has an Oscar than one where it doesn't even have a nomination.

Just steering clear of emails telling me "Oscarwatch didn't break that; we posted the same press release," Sasha. I love you, you know this. Please.

Fair enough, Kris. But Sasha did post it before us so I thought I'd say as much. Bad wording on my part.

And something like "Monster House" deserves a Sound Editing nod. If the sound editors don't nominate it, well...that's frankly their fault as far as I'm concerned.

I suppose one could argue the animation deserves some love but the category is for best animinated feature, not best animation (which has an awful lot of crossover with Visual Effects anyway).

Well anyway, I appreciate Gerard giving credit - too many sites these days simply steal news or don't even acknowledge it was printed elsewhere first. I try to always give credit, if I can, to the first place I saw it. If people then write in, so be it. And if you want to correct writers on your own site you ought to do it privately, non?

I think the private discussion is the one you're attempting to have with me, Sasha.

Anyway, this wasn't done in any sort of harsh way. I just didn't want the wrong indication out there, and there is nothiing wrong with that (gosh this is going too far). As Gerard said, it was simply the wrong wording. But I agree it's cordial to mention where someone picked up this or that bit of information. I think you'll find that has and does happen quite a bit around these parts.

You're turning into someone you and I both know pretty well here...

I don't think I'm turning into anyone - I'm the same old person I always was. You on the other hand...ahem. I shall remain silent.

Btw, you were right about Little Miss Sunshine. It's really good.

I don't know what you're talking about anymore.

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