November 09, 2006
Let's talk Spidey 3

This trailer is all kinds of phenomenal. It's operatic, it's largess, it's balanced and it gets the fucking job done. It still pains me that, at the hands of David Koepp and with a shitty villain portrayal, "Spider-Man" was such a God-awful film, but thankfully, "Spider-Man 2" more than made up for that, and the third installment seems to be on the right track.

I'm still not sure about Topher Grace as Venom, who it seems will show up EXTREMELY briefly in the third act. Using Grace seems to follow the "ultimate" Spider-Man mentality, but Raimi is no fan of the character and looks to be utilizing him for a small time in any case.

I'm also not sure about this situation with Sandman being responsible for Ben Parker's murder, unless that's just some red herring. But regardless, he looks absolutely STUNNING, and Thomas Haden Church looks choice in the role.

In the wake of a retched (and thankfully brief) performance this year in "The Good German," I'll welcome Mr. Parker with open arms in this thing next summer.



It is so good to hear that the Good German isn't living up to its predisposed buzz! I have known this whole time is wasn't going to be that good! Take that George Clooney, who Oscar thieving moron!! (every over nominee deserved it more then him last year, and others even deserved to be nominated over him....)

Are you kidding? Maguire was "Retched"'re the only critic saying that. Every word I hear is that it's a brilliant film destined for Oscar love with a great performance from Maguire.

And Prelleber, just because Tapley says ONE performance was bad doesn't mean the film itself isn't brilliant. Clooney is an incredibly talented guy, farthest thing from a moron.

Tobey Maguire really is fantastic in these movies; I do hope he manages to find a home outside of them when the time comes.

I, too, am really uneasy with the notion of Sandman being responsible for Uncle Ben's murder.

But apart from that, the trailer was pretty awesome (a bright spot in a morning otherwise pretty dreary). And I love Raimi's work so I can't wait.

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