November 13, 2006
"Happy Feet"

Nails on a chalkboard. But the sound was phenomenal. A threat for a comedy/musical Best Picture nod at the Globes, too.


What's the chances of Happy Feet winning the Oscar?
Is this better than Cars?
It has Oscar winning actress Kidman's voice so it must be good.

Personally I think Animated films should compete with feature films at the Oscar, like Beauty & the Beast (in 1992) or Babe (in 1996).

It'll be nominated just for the gorgeous animation, but that's all it has going for it. I got a whiplash halfway through when the plot shifted, and I think it gets too bleak for the younger ones.

It'll make someone a great demo reel, that's for sure.

It seems that the other reviews disagree with you on this one Kris, thankfully. I've been anticipating this for over a year.

nails on a chalkboard? how come?!
I too have been looking forward to this for ages... so hope you're exaggerating! ;o)

Damn you, Kris. Damn you for being honest about your opinion, regardless of initial critical consensus. You selfish bastard... ;)

Neither I nor Cris were saying that Kris' opinion was wrong. I was saying I hope the other (positive) reviews I've read were more indicitive of how I will feel and Cris was asking why it was "nails on a chalkboard". We both said we're looking forward to the movie, so why can't we say we hope Kris' opinion doesn't mirror ours (when we eventually get to see it)

Or did you just wanna be pissy?

I didn't wanna 'be pissy'. I wanted to like this movie as much as the next guy, and while I wouldn't go as far as to call it "nails on a chalkboard", I find many of the raves a bit hard to comprehend, even regardless of my personal feelings towards the film.

I just think that people aren't as willing to be a bit weary of this as most other films. For some reason, this is a movie that people are positively psyched to see, and perhaps it's that unabashed enthusiasm that I conflict with.

Everyone hopes that positive reviews will indicate what they themselves will think of a movie. Maybe you two will enjoy it, and I sincerely hope you do. I may not have liked it, Kris may not have too, but I certainly don't hope that everyone else has to not enjoy it either. However, I don't think that everyone will enjoy it equally.

Sorry for joshing with Kris about going against the grain. At least we can both vouch that it has awards potential, if only for the animation and nothing else.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion... and I'm just sorry about Kris's 'cause I've come to trust his quite a bit when it comes to films and like KCamel said I've been looking forward to this for a loooong time! Hype doesn't usually bug me, probably because I'm not as exposed to it as you guys (things don't get as hyped here in Europe, I just read about it on these websites).

I have to admit to being one of those who succumbed to the "cuteness factor" of penguins, but that is in large part due to the fact that I have been to the Antarctic and been surrounded by the cute (and stinky and noisy) little buggers! No chance of heading back south in the near future, so I'll settle for film!!! ;o) (and for once I'll try to ignore the opinion of this page!)

You made it sound like we were saying Kris' opinion was wrong, is what I took it as. And me and Cris were merely saying we hope we agree with the other critics who, for the most part atm, seem to really like it.

I'm looking forward to it because it's George freakin' Miller and the animation looks astounding and it's an animated musical and it's been a while between drinks from that fountain.

It's a fun, ambitious, and gorgeously computer animated movie, and it's all but clenched the Animated Feature Oscar.

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