November 17, 2006
Eric Roth story in Sunday's New York Times

This was by far my favorite piece for the paper so far. It's left me with a decent acquaintance, if not friend, in Mr. Roth, and it was a day in class for this aspiring screenwriter:

"Eric Roth's Screenplays Get Made, Except the Ones That Don't" (NY Times)


Roth is a writing god, definitely my favorite...nice article.

Great story. Roth is one of the best. I hope his future projects for Mann and Depp get made, they sound interesting. I've got one question though. Do you know why Michael Mann turned down the offer to direct The Good Shepherd? Thanks.

I don't think it was anything particularly specific. Michael simply said it wasn't for him. This was right after "Heat," about '96 or so.

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