November 20, 2006
Crazy Sunday

One of those nights where you wish you were Michael Keaton in "Multiplicity."

So a great little reception for Marc Forster at the MGM building in Century City went down nicely. A big turnout and Marc was charming and reserved as always. He said he just flew in from, I believe, near Afghanistan where he's working on the upcoming "The Kite Runner," and soon to go back. He told me he felt like he was getting a touch of what Francis Coppola might have gone through on "Apocalypse Now" or Werner Herzog on "Fitzcarraldo" working in that environment. These filmmakers work extremely hard during the awards season. It's surprising they don't pass out mid-stream.

Then - shuffle over quickly to the Fox lot to moderate a Q&A with Richard Eyre for "Notes on a Scandal." "Quickly" isn't exactly the right word, seeing as I spent a good half hour looking for my car in the parking garage (that NEVER happens). But I mae it just as the credits rolled, same with Richard, and we got on with it.

Now THIS film was received extremely well. I didn't hear a disagreeable notion regarding the performances, the direction, anything. And the Q&A was a lengthy one to say the least (Richard presents very measured, considered answers). Lots of applause when discussing the score (I contend it to be one of Philip Glass's best to date). A great response on the whole.


Yeah yeah, parties and drinks and all that stuff, but what about the film? Is the cast as good as the buzz suggests? Does someone like Bill Nighy have a shot at snaring one of the open supporting actor spots? etc...

Those damn embargoes are a bitch. But hey, blame Scott Rudin, not me.

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