November 14, 2006
"Casino Royale" Reaction?

I've heard from two separate sources that "Casino Royale" received the best reaction they'd seen of films that have screened at the Academy this year. That's very interesting. I' haven't seen the film yet, but I've been anticipating it for some time. It would be interesting to see a Bond film in the heat of an awards race. Personally, I think the series has sucked from the get-go. Bond has always been portrayed as far too suave and handsome in the films, not rough-and-tuble enough, etc.


This is definitely not an awards contender. The audience I saw it with (all critics) really enjoyed it, as did I, but don't confuse it for any kind of awards film. The screenplay is a travesty of structure and is definitely too long (the six or seven people I heard talk about it all said this). I don't know what Paul Haggis did for this film, but her certainly didn't do enough. The fourth act is totally unnecessary and should've been combined with the third. It is, however, good fun and the first hour is as good as the series has ever been. I think most people will like it, but it's not any kind of shocking departure from the series. It's still very much Bond.

I guess it could manage something like score or sound if people REALLY liked it.

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