November 03, 2006
Anyone else find it brilliant...

...that "Borat" is now, without any question, one of the best reviewed films of the year? This is crazy (in the best way possible).


And if the Academy wanted to prove it was with the times, they would nominate "Borat" for Best Picture.

Of course, it won't happen. But it's one of the most acclaimed films of the year, up there with "The Queen" and "The Departed," so in the words of Borat, "why not?"


There's a 0% percent chance Borat will get nominated.

End of story.

It's unfortunate that the Academy cannot nominate a movie that receives universal critical acclaim (96% on Rotten-Tomatoes) and is a big box-office success (did you see Borat's Friday numbers?), and yet, they have no problem not only nominating but awarding something like "Crash."

Generally, great reviews + great box-office = Oscar possibilities. It's sad that the Academy will disqualify "Borat" merely because it's a raunchy comedy.

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