Tell us what you thought of 'The Monuments Men'

Posted by · 1:47 pm · February 9th, 2014

When George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men” was pushed back from its scheduled 2013 release date, the message was clearly sent that it wasn’t seen as awards material — but that didn’t have to be a bad thing. Perhaps it was simply a fun commercial caper to brighten up the drab February release slate, an “Ocean’s 11” in period dress. Then the reviews came out, suggesting there truly was cause for concern: Kris is among the few with at least a kind word for it, but others (including HitFix’s Drew McWeeny) have piled on it for being dull, pompous and featherweight all at once. It certainly went down like a lead balloon at the Berlinale, where it was booed by German audiences and accused of jingoism.

I have yet to see it for myself (there didn’t seem much point in catching up with it late at Berlin), but a number of you must have. So now it’s your turn to tell us: Is it that bad? Or is it still a reasonable romp? And has its star power and delayed release put a target on its back? Vote in the poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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