Oscarweb Round-up: Ebert crowns 'A Separation'

Posted by · 7:07 am · December 16th, 2011

Guy recently called attention to top 10 season in a recent post. I tend to block all of that out until I finish my own year in review, and so now that I’ve done that (closing things down with the annual superlatives post later this morning), I’ve enjoyed perusing what other journalists and critics are chalking up as the year’s best. Roger Ebert’s list is always a good barometer of a certain demographic, I think, and its was nice to see that he recently tapped Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” as the year’s best film. Not only that, but he made room for my #1, Kenneth Lonergan’s “Margaret,” a little further down the list. I’m really hoping more and more critics are willing to go to bat for that one, but we’ll see. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Mark Olsen on the year in debut directors. [Los Angeles Times]

Brian Tallerico lists the 10 most annoying things about the Golden Globe nominations. [Hollywood Chicago]

S.T. VanAirsdale on the 10 biggest snubs and subplots of same. [Movieline]

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Shailene Woodley on George Clooney in “The Descendants”: “He’s a good arguer.” [The Wrap]

Original screenplay Oscar contenders talk writing. [Envelope]

“Corman’s World” director Alex Stapleton on legendary director and documentary subject Roger Corman. [Speakeasy]

David Poland sits down with “Drive” star Albert Brooks. [Hot Blog]

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