Oscarweb Round-up: 3D homework from 'Hugo' director Martin Scorsese

Posted by · 6:04 am · December 1st, 2011

Martin Scorsese is famous for giving his collaborators plenty of homework in preparation for his films. At a recent Q&A for “Hugo,” production designer Dante Ferretti quipped through his thick Italian accent, “He made me watch a lot of movies.” Everyone gave a knowing laugh. It’s the Scorsese way. And it can always be interesting to note what films he picks to watch, either for his crew or for himself, when working on something. I always thought it was cool that he dug into “Once Upon a Time in the West” for “Gangs of New York,” as there are definite thematic parallels. Anyway, the homework on “Hugo” was unique: 3D movies. He had his crew watch everything from the original “House of Wax” to “Dial M for Murder,” with non-3D things like John Boulting’s “The Magic Box” and the films of the Lumière brothers thrown in for good measure. [Movies.com]

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