Oscarweb Round-up: THR and sexism

Posted by · 7:08 am · November 18th, 2011

So The Hollywood Reporter held its directors round table and didn’t invite any women. Then the outlet’s editor Stephen Galloway was condescending toward the profile of female-directed films this year, asking the filmmakers to “name a female director who made a major film this year.” This made Melissa Silverstein hit the roof, and I think she speaks truth. “‘The Whistleblower’ was a major movie that actually made the UN stand up and look at how peacekeepers are acting around the world,’ she says. ‘Circumstance’ was a major movie that brought us into Iranian culture from the perspective of two teenage girls. ‘Pariah’ is a major film about an African American girls dealing with sexuality…It matters that the Hollywood Reporter doesn’t think a woman made a major movie this year.” [Women and Hollywood]

Ricky Gervais says his third stint of hosting the Golden Globes is “definitely [his] final time.” [RickyGervais.com]

Marlowe Stern profiles “Tyrannosaur” and “The Iron Lady” star Olivia Colman. [Daily Beast]

Greg Ellwood reports from the Los Angeles premiere of “The Descendants.” [Awards Campaign]

Ryan Adams points to a boat load of tracks from John Williams’s original “War Horse” score. [Awards Daily]

Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo” will sneak a month in advance on more than 800 screens. [The Uncool]

Steve Pond on the Oscar doc race and the looming short list announcement. [The Odds]

Move over Billy and Ricky, the National Board of Review has tapped “Today”‘s Natalie Morales to host its gala this year. [Deadline]

David Poland talks to “Happy Feet Two” director George Miller. [Hot Blog]

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you must watch Drew McWeeny’s kid interview Kermit and Miss Piggy about “The Muppets.” [Motion/Captured]

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