Cinejabber: Arkham on the brain

Posted by · 11:50 am · November 5th, 2011

Welcome to Cinejabber, your weekend space to talk about whatever, whenever.

Me? I’ve been playing “Batman: Arkham City.” As in, playing it too much. I have R. Kelly’s “Batman & Robin” track “Gotham City” stuck in my head with “Gotham” replaced by “Arkham.” It’s that bad. But when you’re obsessed with the Bat, I guess it’s to be expected.

It’s a dense game. Perhaps too dense. But it’s a blast and has even sparked an interesting conversation about sexism (I don’t see it, personally, though I’ll admit it leans on a few cliches a bit too much). “Uncharted 3” is sitting on the table, waiting for its turn, and “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations” is dropping in under two weeks. Hopefully I’ll see my fiancee some over the next few months. #dork

(Here are your must-plays for November, by the way.)

Anyway, elsewhere Los Angeles press are getting our first look at “Hugo” this afternoon, after the film dropped in “unfinished” form on NYFF audiences last month. I don’t really have expectations. It’s been a tough film to really gauge sight unseen. I look forward to hearing Marty and company dish on it after the screening, though.

Speaking of Q&As, the “J. Edgar” crowd was on hand for a screening of the film and a LACMA honor for Clint Eastwood last night. I opted out. Too much Hoover in a 24-hour span. But you’ll see reports on that scattered throughout the web today, if you’re interested.

Anyway, I need to head out for “Hugo.” The floor is yours. What have you been up to?

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