Go behind the scenes of Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo'

Posted by · 12:44 pm · October 10th, 2011

By now it’s pretty obvious to everyone that tonight’s not-so-secret New York Film Festival work-in-progress screening is Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo.” Even though Scorsese has done something like this in the past (bringing 20 minutes of “Gangs of New York” to Cannes back in 2002), it’s nevertheless a curious move on the part of the master filmmaker and Paramount Pictures. The question everyone seems to be asking is, “Why?”

One can only assume the studio thinks it has something special on its hands and wants to muscle into the fall festival frame before all the other films cannibalize the conversation. Well, one can only hope, I should say. Because if “Hugo” doesn’t really have the goods (I’ve heard iffy things here and there), then bringing it to a heavily scrutinized festival setting with incomplete effects shots and whatnot could really damage the film.

“I’ve always wanted to make a film in 3D,” Scorsese says in a recently posted behind the scenes clip. “The story is something very emotional. Funny at times. It was like a celebration.” I hope it’s a celebration indeed after tonight’s big reveal. Have a look at that behind the scenes clip below.

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