July 30, 2007
RIP Ingmar Bergman

As tributes are pouring in, I feel it would be remiss not to tip our hats at InContention to this lion of cinema. From "Wild Strawberries" to "Fanny and Alexander," Bergman was always at the very pinacle of the film world, achieving a notoriety that has, with the arguable exception of Fellini, never been equalled by a non-English language filmmaker. As the Tech Support columnist, I also feel that I must note the invaluable service he gave to cinema by giving the great Sven Nykvist his most noted projects.

At 89 years of age and such a memorable filmography, it would be hard to say that he did not have a full life. But that can never diminish the loss to the film world without his presence in it.

Rest in peace.


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