July 27, 2007
Public apology goes to Brian...

I thought there was no way a "Dark Knight" teaser could be "terrible" or "horrendous," but damn if WB didn't find a way to make it just that. What...the...fuck...was...that? It might be the cheapest teaser ever made in the 21st century, at least as far as perception goes.

Heath Ledger sounds fantastic, though.


Well, Kris, I posted in response to Brian's original post thinking you'd said it, but it turns out you agree with him!

I actually like having a movie teaser that doesn't actually show the movie. It's not as if this film needs to give anything away to whet people's appetites. I think this is the perfect amount of dialogue.

And the Joker card that flies up at the end, is it Ledger's face or just a generic card? Can't get a clear screenshot.

Kris, it took WB two attempts until they finally got it right for the Batman Begins trailers. A newly released picture of Ledger holding a knife to Rachel Dawes and a teaser is enough for now. Nolan detests giving away any information at all about Batman. He's stated his contempt for people knowing too much and spoiling their movie going experience in interviews. Nolan, as opposed to Zack Snyder and others, really seems to guard his films. Also, I believe Batman Begins had a weak comic-con presence so why change now? Here's looking forward to December or Super Bowl time when the next trailer comes out... And here's to not knowing too much.

BTW, Michael Caine had an awesome line...Ledger was...different.

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