February 25, 2007
Live Blogging the 79th


9:08 PM: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

And it looks like Jack is presenting Best Pic again.

8:56 PM: Couldn't thank your husband?

8:44 PM: If "The Departed" wins Best Pic, I will be ECSTATIC. Much deserved editing win for Thelma, and we know at least one more (making it three) is coming the film's way.

8:39 PM: For a Michael Mann project, that look at visions of America in cinema was pretty damn slight and lacking any sense of creativity. Hmph, maybe he didn't care enough to take it seriously. The Academy didn't invite him back to the board of governors after all...and that, like, never happens.

8:30 PM: This is just a big ole' liberal fuck fest. I love it.

8:27 PM: Okay, the "Dreamgirls" number was the best part of the night. Very, VERY cool. Nice work, Bill.

8:22 PM: JHud is gonna pop outta that dress...

8:15 PM: Big congrats, Michael. Inspirational to screenwriters, whether "Little Miss Sunshine" is loved on whole or in specific quarters.

In other news, these shadow things are fucking STUPID.

8:08 PM: I think "Babel" just won Best Picture.

8:01 PM: Fuckin' BRAVO!!!

7:59 PM: No idea what he's saying but I could watch him talk like that all night long.

7:52 PM: I love how Clint gets a little nervous at the Oscars every year, presenting or accepting. It cracks me up. He's just a "dude," after all. Anyway, THIS is the most deserved "Oscar" we're going to see all night long. Morricone is God's gift to music and the cinema.

7:36 PM: Much as I dislike the film and don't consider her performance the cat's pajamas, I really believe Jennifer Hudson's wonderment this season. But damn...get to Jennifer Holiday a LITTLE quicker in your acceptance speech, girl.

7:31 PM: Cate Blanchett was shocked, but I wasn't. I'm telling you, the people who vote in that branch do NOT like fantasy.

7:24 PM: Ken Watanabe looks like a fucking GOD.

7:13 PM: Sigh, well, a little technical difficulty on the main page, now the whole thing is listed in one big entry. Anyway...

I KNEW, KNEW, KNEW!!! something was going to come and steal that cinematography award. UGH!!! Bullshit.

6:45 PM: Honestly, I didn't like ANY of the animated feature nominees. But...whatever. Sorry for John Lasseter. Funny that the animated categories provided upsets so far.

6:38 PM: Now THAT was a hilarious bit. Come on, Al. PLEASE!

6:24 PM: Even though he read it, that was fucking beautiful. Good on you, Alan.

6:20 PM: What the fuck, why can't people just SPEAK FROM THE HEART!? It's not that hard.

6:16 PM: What a sedate ceremony. And jeez, way to fuck up Alan Robert Murray's name AND the fact that he was a nominee. Sigh...

6:12 PM: Starting to get a "Babel" feeling. Hmm...

6:07 PM: What's the thing about the order of the clips again? The last one shown is the winner? Or that's the way it's turned out the last few years?

Also, can't believe "The Little Matchgirl" lost. Bogus. I fell asleep during "The Danish Poet." And Ari Sandel, way to OBVIOUSLY REHEARSE AND REGURGITATE YOUR SPEECH. Your film still blows. Same for it's empty "themes."

5:55 PM: Sigh...

5:49 PM: 1 for 1. You know, Maggie might work out in "The Dark Knight."

5:43 PM: That Gore joked slayed. Probably the best Oscar joke in YEARS.

5:40 PM: Holy shit! Jack is BALD!!!

5:36 PM: Winners posted at the main page. Rattling off thoughts here.

Errol Morris's film was hilarious. It's a great way to wrap up a lot of faces I've encountered throughout the season. Personal fave: Peter Morgan. Always funny. "Any sexual thought about the Queen is treasonous."


Oh snap! Arkin won. I knew it was a good possibility but I'm still a little shocked.

That was amazing. Letters, Babel and the Departed were my top three films this year and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

I felt the show was rather tedious. And while some awards were brilliant and on the whole they were better than average, Cinematography practically negated the whole thing for me.

Whatever. I'm very happy to be putting this season behind us...and to not think about the next one for a long while yet.

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