February 26, 2007
Last note of the night...

Yeah, so I dropped the ball like a true champ on Best Picture. But I'm happy to have made some of the upset calls, including leading the charge on Alan Arkin back when the nominations landed. Lots of folks eventually followed suit on that, and it all paid off.

I nailed the Mellissa Etheridge song, expecting the same group who rocked out to Bob Dylan and Eminem in recent years to keep their buzz going.

And I guess David Carr and I began thinking "The Lives of Others" would trump "Pan's Labyrinth" in Best Foreign Film around the same time, so I'm happy sharing that brain space with the Carpetbagger.

All in all, some nice gets, some steep misses, but really, this was a tough ceremony to get a hold of. All things considered, I'm glad it's over.

Moving on to year in advance stuff in the morning and Gerard's "Tech Support" wrap-up soon enough. Good night, and I hope you enjoyed the show.


No love for Charlie Kaufman and Synecdoche, NY on the year in advance predictions?

Not sure if it'll make it out in time.

Ok so you were right about Best Song. *bows to your wisdom*

:) I can admit being wrong (every now and then). ;)

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