January 24, 2007
I had a vision...

...that Paul Newman handed the Best Picture tropy to "Little Miss Sunshine."

I'm losing my mind, but if that happens...I'll freak right the hell out.


I had a vision back at AUGUST... that both Barraza & Kikuchi were gonna be nominated... and they did...

and the other day I had a vision Babel would win BP... so yeah... maybe?

And I pray neither of those visions come true, because I made a vow in my film studies class that if The Departed doesn't win Best Picture, I will never watch the Oscars again. And I'm really serious about that.

If it happens, that is what one calls a false positive. No causal connection or spooky presage, just the type of coincidence that will occur in life given the many potential matches between imaginative thoughts and external events. When a match like this does occur we highlight the fact and ascribe meaning to it, but we happily ignore and think nothing further of the vast number of mismatches. Sorry to throw cold water on your harmless piece of magical thinking.

I've been thinking these last two days that Little Miss Sunshine can very well win the prize. It can take Screenplay and Supporting Actor too and it won't be as ridiculous as if Letters from Iwo Jima wins Best Picture and, what? Sound Editing.

It wouldn't be ridiculous for Letters to win those two, Camel. Give me a break with all the "sureness." No one apparently learned anything yesterday morning.


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