January 11, 2007
"Friday Night Lights"

You know, I never was much for Peter Berg's film "Friday Night Lights" two years ago, but I've got to say what he's done with the material on the small screen is an achievement indeed. I finally caught up with it over the holidays via TiVo, and I love this show. The characters, the arcs, the filmmaking, the acting, all of it, top quality. I realize I'm kind of alone on that - not a lot of people seem to love it. But I found a new drug.


Actually, the film has a quiet, rabid cult among good TV lovers and critics that has kept it alive despite crappy ratings (It gets about 6 million viewers weekly).

I've been wanting to watch it, but I want to watch t from the beginning, and the only way to really do that is to torrent it, which I WOULD NEVER DO IN A MILLION YEARS BECAUSE I'M A GOOD CITIZEN.

I'd much prefer Remember The Titans. Great acting.. especially Denzel Washington who should have been nominated for an Oscar for this role.

A small but true film in many more ways than Titans. It captures the small town Texas football scene as well as anything short of a documentary could.

Well...again...I'm not talking about the film (which was rote and one-dimensional)...but the show.

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