December 28, 2006
One Word

As 2006 draws to a close, it is striking that a modest number of films (as is typically the case in a given year) are so thematically potent, regardless of perceived success or failure otherwise, that they can be summed up in a single, solitary word. It takes a measured amount of focus to concentrate a work of art so specifically. Sometimes it goes toward the crafting of a fine film, other times peripheral aspects (performance, style, over ambition) can get in the way of moving beyond and to greatness. But at the center of each of the titles below remains a specific idea that permeates throughout, inhaling and exhaling through every pour of the mixture.

"Babel" - communication
"Breaking and Entering" - purpose
"Children of Men" - hope
"The Fountain" - inevitability
"Little Miss Sunshine" - dependance
"Miami Vice" - deception
"Shortbus" - fear
"Stranger than Fiction - altruism
"World Trade Center" - home

Anything from the crowd?


It's not out in America yet, but my #1 of the year so far:

"Jindabyne" - Responsibility.

When you see it you'll know. And you should see it.

"A Prairie Home Companion" - Mortality

"Flags of Our Fathers" - Heroism
"The Queen" - Tradition

"Dreamgirls" - Showbiz

Pursuit of Happyness/Rocky Balboa: Resiliency

Dreamgirls: Sacrifice

Volver: Returning

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