December 10, 2006
LMAO...I mean, LAFCA

What the hell is wrong with this crowd for willfully snubbing Martin Scorsese and "The Departed?" There's no excuse, especially given their voting method, but whatever. I tend to consider the LA critics largely out to lunch. I actually overheard one of them say "we got her two roles by giving her the award last year, 'Breaking and Entering' and 'The Departed.'" I think that potentially sums up agenda right there. Let's make waves for no reason other than to make waves and be able to a later date.

ANYWAY, I was correct in predicting "Letters from Iwo Jima" for Best Picture, Helen Mirren for Best Actress (the steamroll continues), "Children of Men" for cinematography, "The Lives of Others" for foreign film and "Happy Feet" for animation. So I guess five ain't bad. And two more in the runner-ups.

I'm glad to see Paul Greengrass get some recognition here, and really, "United 93" had a giant boost today. But the fact of the matter is, it was off the map until this week. Now it's back on the map, and the struggle begins. We'll see what the HFPA, BFCA and Guilds think about the obviously-bound-for-critics-award effort before serious Oscar consideration comes back into play.


Maybe they had watched the Infernal Affairs beforehand. Now that's a superior film (with a smaller budget) IMO.

Sorry Kris. I know you love the Departed, but I just can't brush off the fact that its just an Americanized version of the original with truck loads of profanities thrown in.

Why should the LAFCA give The Departed anything? They don't have to award anything they don't want to.

Or maybe they predicted other groups would be handing out statues to the film and they felt like going in another direction?

I don't know, but... yeah. It's their awards, not yours, mine, gerards, soyas, polands, etc...

Not saying they "have" to do anything. But they're going to look rather ridiculous this year having snubbed this film.

Well, just think of it this way: If The Departed wins big at the Oscars, this year will be able to be an example in future Oscar contests. "The Departed didn't win anything at LA or AFI in 2006 so futureoscarconteder still has a chance" ya know?

I think UNITED 93 was never off from the radar. It was such an important film that it had to have been in the critics' minds. If anything, it should get Best Director nod. SAG would have to recognize it's ensemble actor (non-actors) awards as well.

"The Departed" is probably this year's "Batman Begins". It was a fun Scorsese movie, but not really BP material. Should have been set in LA to get their BP. Only Boston Society is noticing The Departed, so far.

I beg to differ. "The Departed" is definitely BP material (check out rotten -- it's one of the most acclaimed films of the year) and certainly a hell of a lot better than "Batman Begins". And I also think it surpasses "Infernal Affairs".

Even worse than LAFCC was AFI. Come on, do you really think "The Devil Wears Prada" or "Borat" or "Inside Man" were better films?

At least Scorsese has picked up 3 Best Director awards so far - Boston, NY, and Washington.

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